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Your child has made it past mommy-and-me yoga and into real athletic activity. The types of shoes for each activity can be bewildering, and your child’s preferences can conflict with what’s best for their feet. At Shoe Train, we offer a range of athletic shoes for a host of activities, and we can help you choose the right pair. We stock the highest-quality athletic shoes, with adequate cushioning on the top and the bottom of the foot.

Be sure to bring in the socks and equipment, like shin guards, that your child will be wearing for their activity, so we can try shoes on as they’ll be worn. It’s also best to shop for shoes in the afternoon when feet are naturally more swollen.

Two boys holding athletic shoes

When buying sports shoes for young children, an “all purpose” athletic shoe is fine. After the age of 10, a more sport-specific shoe can improve performance and protect the feet.

Here’s what to expect:

  1. First, we match your child’s shoes to his/her activity. Walking shoes, for instance, have different features than do running shoes or soccer shoes.
  2. Next, we look for shoes that “speak” to your child’s foot. Our fitters will help you choose shoes for your child that are right for their foot, and not just focus on the shoe that looks good. An over-pronator, for example, whose feet naturally roll inward, should consider “motion control shoes.”
  3. Next, we look for the perfect fit. Improperly fitted footwear can affect gait movement, stamina and mobility. The best way to fit shoes properly this is to have your child try on the shoe the way they would wear it, so be sure to bring in the socks they’ll be wearing, and shin guards or other pads if they’ll be wearing those. We’ll help you find shoes that work with your child’s other equipment. For more on our fitting process, see our Fitting page.
  4. Finally, we pick a pair that your child loves. Athletic shoes are, first and foremost, about protecting your child’s feet and allowing them to perform their best. But we know, and you know, that kids won’t wear shoes they hate. That’s why we stock the most popular brands – that also meet our high quality standards. We have a pair that will make you both happy.

We carry Asics, Saucony, Stride Rite, New Balance, Jumping Jacks, Reebok, Adidas, Nike, Keen, Converse, Skechers, Tsukihoshi, Timberland!