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What is a “sit-and-fit” shoe store? Why is it better?

At sit and fit shoe store, a shoe specialist works with you and your child to fit their size, recommend the right shoe, and make sure it fits correctly. At Shoe Train, you’re never selecting shoes from a maze of stacked boxes and taking a guess about long term comfort.

I am looking for a specific pair of shoes. Do you stock specialty shoes?

What types of dance shoes, cleats, spikes? Etc.  Also if you carry weather-specific shoes.

What sizes do you carry?

We offer shoes from infant sizes up through men’s size 10 and girls size 6, which is the equivalent of a women’s 8 ½. We also offer wide and narrow widths in a variety of styles.

Girl modeling boots

Do you carry specialty widths and shoe inserts and orthotics?

Yes, and our full-time staff are experts at finding the right fit and correct shoe for your child. Wherever possible, we strive to fit children into “normal” shoes, using inserts and orthotics to provide the right level of support. Learn more about our approach here.

I have a beginning walker. When should I buy him or her shoes?

Once your child begins walking outside, you need a supportive, protective and flexible “walking” shoe. At Shoe Train, we use “heel-toe-off assessment” that ensures your child’s shoe has the flexibility needed for proper walking. We can help you choose the right shoes, and work with you to make sure your choice is easy to get on and off, matches your child’s personality, and is one your child will be excited to wear. See more here.

How do I figure out what size to buy my child?

At Shoe Train, we are experts in fit. We will examine your child’s foot for width fit, length fit, room in the throat and toe box, and appropriateness of the shoe for your child’s age and style of walking.  See our fitting page for an idea of what to expect.

How do I know my child’s foot is being measured and fitted correctly?

Fitting a shoe goes beyond feeling the toe and making sure the shoe is the correct match for the child. See our fitting page for an idea of what to expect.

Why is proper fit so important?

Children who wear shoes that are not fitted properly could suffer from serious foot issues. If a child experiences heel pain or tightness around the instep, this indicates that the shoe does not fit properly. To avoid problems with bunions, blisters, calluses, painful tendinitis and even inflammation of the growth centers of the bones, proper fit is imperative.

When should shoes be replaced?

Children’s feet are continually changing. It’s important to have the child assessed every few months to determine if their shoes are excessively worn or outgrown. On the flip side, shoes that look worn do not necessarily mean they need replacing. Outside of fit, new shoes should be purchased if:

  • The sole separates
  • Velcro straps lose their closure ability
  • The shoes are allowing in moisture or the shoes have begun to smell even after washing
  • Athletic shoes should generally last one sports “season”

The level of aesthetic wear and tear you are comfortable with is up to you!

My child won’t keep their shoes on. What should I do?

If your child is a new walker, they may just need to adjust to the feeling of wearing shoes. Experiment by taking your child to the park. If the shoes fit properly, he or she will run and play and fairly quickly adjust to wearing shoes. If your child is remains distracted by their shoes and continues to remove them, or your child is older or suddenly refuses to wear a certain pair of shoes, this could mean the shoes don’t fit properly. Or, it could indicate that your little one is merely expressing their preferences! We recommend an assessment for proper fit, where we can help you get to the root of the issue.