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Fitting Process

In case it wasn’t clear, we’re passionate about fit! When you come to Shoe Train, a trained professional will fit your child for shoes.

Here’s what to expect:

  • We will measure your child’s foot for length and width.
  • Based on these, and first observations, we will choose shoes we think will suit your child’s foot.
  • Once the child has put a shoe on, we’ll ask your child to stand so we can check the widest part of the foot (the ball, little toe, and top of the foot) for the correct spacing between the foot and the inside of the shoe.
  • Next, we’ll check the heel area for excessive space and place pads if the child has a narrow heel.
  • Now we’ll check for length!
  • When fitting a one-strap dress shoe, we’ll make sure the throat of the shoe is not tight or binding.
  • As a last step, we’ll have the child walk, heel-to-toe so we can determine if the shoe is a good fit and a good match.
Girl being fitted for shoes

Seems like a lot, but it goes quickly. It may take a few minutes, but you’ll save time and money in the end when you leave with a pair of shoes that will go the distance with your child.