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Meet the Shoe Train Team


With over 80 years of shoe fitting experience, the Shoe Train staff knows how to fit your children in fun and stylish shoes, from dress shoes to athletic shoes and everything in between.


After getting my start in the shoe business in 1968 as a stock boy at two major department stores, I went to work at Chanticleer Shoes in 1971. At that time, Bill Jones, owner of Chanticleer Shoes, sent me to Glassboro State in New Jersey, where I learned all about fitting orthopedic shoes on children. In 1983, I left Chanticleer and began working at Shoe Train. Ed Jurgrau, the founder of Shoe Train, taught me that every child presents a new challenge and that it’s important to always keep an open mind. I’ve seen it all over the last 45 years and enjoyed every minute of it.


I got my start in the children’s shoe business 32 years ago at Chanticleer Shoes in Frederick. While there, I trained under Mike Jones, who himself had 45 years of experience. I’ve spent the last 25 years at Shoe Train and was fortunate to learn directly from Ed Jurgrau, the store’s founder. He taught me a lot about the shoe business - and the importance of knowing how to treat customers. When not working, I enjoy baseball, football, and basketball. Most of all, I enjoy being with my growing family; my two children, wife, and three grandkids. I do like to kid around a lot - smiles make my day!


I joined the team at Shoe Train as a part-time fitter in 2007.  Little did I know, that my part-time job would become a long-term career! Over the years I transitioned from shoe fitter, to buyer, to assistant store manager. I love what I do, and especially value the personal relationships I’ve built with many of my long time customers.