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You’ve almost certainly heard of orthotics, and your doctor may have recommended them for your child. Learning that your child needs a special support can be scary, but we’re here to help.

First, the basics: Orthotics (also called orthoses) provide bio-mechanical balance by redistributing body weight. There are several reasons why children will require orthotics. Pronation (meaning the ankles roll in), and sensory and stability issues including hypertonia, low muscle tone, tight cords, and severe toe-in, are the most common reasons a child will require orthotics. Orthotics enable muscles — all the way from the legs to the back of the shoulders — to adjust and strengthen.

Most importantly, with early intervention orthotics can be a short-term solution and may not be needed permanently. We’re experts at orthotics and inserts, and will do an assessment with your child to find the right pair of shoes. Often, the need for orthotics necessitates a particular kind of shoe, and that shoe can be obvious or embarrassing. But at Shoe Train we are committed to making sure that your child will not look different; we try to fit children in “off the shelf” shoes that look like everyone else’s.

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Orthotics being inserted into shoes

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