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Our Story

We are in step with your child

For more than 40 years, Shoe Train has been helping parents in Montgomery County and the surrounding area find the perfect-fitting pair of shoes for their children. Whether it is adorable infant “shoes,” flexible first walking shoes, or fashionable back-to-school shoes, we have your child’s feet covered as she (or he) grows (all the way to men’s size 10 for boys and women’s size 8.5!) We have a deep familiarity with brands, and we choose the shoes we carry with an eye toward providing a variety of shoes for each foot type. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality, long-lasting shoes you can feel good about putting on your child’s feet, By the way, none of our team members works on commission. We’ll never recommend a pair of shoes we don’t think is right for your child.

Of course, when it comes to your child’s feet, their opinion counts too! That’s why we choose shoes that are fashion-forward, so they can feel just as good about what’s on their feet as you do.

Girl jumping on hopscotch board

Fitting All Feet

Anyone can sell you a shoe. These days, most stores leave you to navigate a maze of boxes with no one to help you figure out if the shoe you’re trying is the right choice. Figuring out where the toe is simply isn’t enough! Leave the maze and the confusion and head to Shoe Train for a real assessment of the right shoe for your child. What truly sets us apart is our emphasis – some might call it an obsession – with fit. When it comes to your child’s feet, we are experts.

Properly fitting feet takes knowledge and skill. Shoe Train’s “conductors” are seasoned professionals who are experts in finding the right shoe for your child’s foot. Poorly fitted shoes can lead to more than blisters and bunions – the child’s body’s biomechanics can actually be altered. That’s why we fit a shoe for width, then length. Our staff has decades of experience sourcing shoes for a wide variety of feet shapes and finding the right shoes for your child. If your child requires inserts or orthotics, we can help you choose those as well.

All Aboard!

As a member of our community for more than four decades, we have seen children grow into parents, and then fit those parents’ babies! We are the only sit-and-fit shoe children’s shoe shop in Montgomery County – but we offer more than shoes and fittings! See our Facebook page for our upcoming gatherings, and our latest efforts to give back.

Come visit Shoe Train and become part of our story.